GTA 6: 10 Vice City Landmarks Fans Want To See

If we're not being shot at by the bartender in the Malibu Club with a shotgun, we won't be happy.


If logic and rumours are to be believed, there's a very strong chance indeed that Grand Theft Auto 6 will end up being set in Vice City, the GTA version of Miami.

It makes sense - in GTA 4, we already returned to Liberty City, the GTA version of New York City. In GTA 5, we returned to San Andreas, aka Los Angeles after its original appearance in GTA: San Andreas.

Therefore that leaves Vice City to be the next of GTA's iconic cities from the past to be given that glorious next-gen sheen.

Vice City in particular is remembered so fondly for two things; firstly that soundtrack and secondly the iconic landmarks and scenery that made up this sun-dappled neon 80's delight.

GTA likes to reference its past with its newer games, so let's take a look back at which landmarks really should make the cut in GTA 6's version of Vice City.

10. Tommy Vercetti's Scarface Mansion


You really can't have an adventure in Vice City without being able to at least visit the iconic mansion, right?

If you cast your mind back to Vice City, the mansion is actually probably the most important building in the entire game. It acts as the centre of Tommy Vercetti's criminal empire, is involved in loads of missions (including such iconic missions as killing Ricardo Diaz, its previous owner, or the final showdown against Lance Vance).

Plus, it's just a really cool place. Despite it being really quite empty, it just felt so awesome to be given your own mansion.

The mansion itself is heavily inspired by Scarface, as is Tommy Vercetti himself. The red interior - the office with the screens - it's all Scarface in all but name.

This mansion has to be included in GTA 6. Whether it's an unlockable place to visit/own or just a really cool easter egg for fans of the series, it deserves to be in pride of place. Bonus points if there's a mission in there that's a serious throwback to Tommy Vercetti's adventures!

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