GTA 6: 6 Leaked Details You Need To Know

3. San Andreas Could Be There Too?

Gta San Andreas

Dexerto noted in their write up of the Pastebin leak that Rockstar's history with multiple locations precedes them.

Back in 2004's San Andreas (which, lest anyone forget, was on the creaky and archaic by comparison to modern systems) PS2, players were allowed to travel between Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. Those cities were based on real places - namely LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas.

This is something Rockstar may be eager to try again on a larger scale.

If Liberty City and Vice are included, then it makes some logical sense to predict that San Andreas will be too. Having all three beloved GTA locations in the same game sounds delicious; you can practically envision fans salivating over the thought of going from Liberty's skyscraper-heaven to Vice's hedonistic beaches and then bouncing around on San Andreas' hilly roads.

The Pastebin post leak does talk about a multi-location map, and that'd surely be bigger than two major cities. If this is going to be the largest GTA game of all time, which is probably will be, then we'd wager on at least one more locale to beef it out.

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