GTA 6 Coming AFTER March 2021

Discard any mention of a surprise 2020 release date.

gta release date

Easily one of the most anticipated titles in entertainment history - and something set to make a ludicrous amount of money when it arrives - GTA 6 has finally had an official update as to when it'll be arriving.

Coming courtesy of industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, he shared word of publisher Take Two's financial results. The company mentioned that for the window of April 2020 - March 2021, their calendar will be a "light new release year", detailing the Bioshock Collection, Borderlands Legendary Collection and Outer Worlds on Switch, NBA 2K21, WWE Battlegrounds and the Mafia remaster, among other sequels and mobile titles.

However, they then cite the "strongest development pipeline in [their] history" for April 2021 - March 2022, noting there will be new IPs, and "sequels from our biggest franchises".

Even if this is not GTA 6, we can comfortably lay to rest any rumours that point to a surprise release for 2020.

Rockstar love a Summer reveal, holiday release window combo, but at the earliest, we won't be seeing GTA 6 whatsoever until after March 2021.

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