GTA Trilogy Remake: 10 Missions We Can't Wait To Play (& 10 We're DREADING)

Toy helicopters vs... a jetpack!!

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In what was the worst-kept secret in recent gaming memory, Rockstar recently revealed that they've been working on remastering the original first three PS2-era Grand Theft Auto trilogy.

Polished up in many ways, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition is something countless people who grew up in the early 2000s are clamouring to get their hands on.

It's not hard to see why. So many of us have such fond memories of these games which pioneered open world gameplay; and there's plenty of missions that stand out for really raising the bar and setting the foundations for what was to come in subsequent releases.

That said, there's a fair few missions from the original Grand Theft Auto trilogy that we really aren't looking forward to. There's some real stinkers in there and very often they're mandatory for progression.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that Rockstar's improved GTA V-style aiming and other improved mechanics make a lot of those more frustrating missions easier. Thank the lord they've put in an instant mission restart option too!

Ready to take a trip down memory lane down the streets of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas? Here are 10 of the very best missions the series has to offer, and 10 of the very worst too.

20. Can't Wait: Phnom Penh '86 - Vice City

What do you get when you combine a helicopter, a mounted machine gun, and infinite ammo? A flippin' brilliant time, that's what!

As you begin to work for sweaty lunatic Ricardo Diaz in the latter half of Vice City, his demands upon Tommy become increasingly more dangerous. in Phnom Penh '86, Diaz tasks Tommy - along with comrade Lance Vance - to travel to the nearby Prawn Island where a bunch of gangsters are trying to defraud Diaz.

To get there, Tommy and Lance grab a maverick helicopter equipped with an M60 machine gun. What plays out is quite other missions in GTA: Vice City; this mission is more of an on-rails shooter where Lance handles the control of the helicopter and Tommy is responsible for mowing down goon after goon using a massive machine gun.

In the second part of the mission, Tommy leaps out of the helicopter and must proceed on foot to mow down even more goons, collect money, and be collected by Lance in the chopper once more. It's a difficult mission as there's plenty of goons hiding everywhere, but once you nail it, it's really quite satisfying.

Wondering where the strange name of this mission comes from? It's believed to be a reference to refer both to the Vietnam War (think Apocalypse Now) and the Capital City of Cambodia, Phnom Pen. The '86, of course, comes from the year Vice City is set in - 1986.

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