GTA Trilogy Remake Trailer: 10 Details You Missed

Rockstar have been VERY busy.

gta san andreas definitive edition

Well it's been almost 20 years since Grand Theft Auto went 3D, and now Rockstar are bringing the world-changing franchise to modern hardware with a ton of tweaks, changes, upgrades and more.

Honestly, it's great to see. Before we got eyes on gameplay, many - including myself - simply didn't know what avenue they'd go down.

Would it be a GTA V-style rounded aesthetic that's very much modern, but not lifelike, or a painstakingly realistic approach, a la Red Dead Redemption 2?

Thankfully, the result skews entirely towards the halcyon days of the PlayStation 2. Rockstar's trailer spends its full 59 seconds directly comparing the polygonal delights of those original games with their overhauled counterparts, all the while maintaining a "PS2 look" that totally works in the modern day.

With so much to dissect - and Rockstar scattering details of these titles across social media, the trailer itself and various official press releases - there are a ton of essential details you've probably missed.

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