GTA V: 10 Moments From Far Cry 3 Rockstar Won’t Beat

Far Cry3 Fixed

You'd be forgiven for thinking that these two games were poles apart. You'd be forgiven because they absolutely are - at first glance, anyway. Their settings, play styles and storylines are all vastly differ, but look a little closer and their Venn diagrams begin to overlap more and more. As you are no doubt aware, for example, some recent Grand Theft Auto V screens showcased a new diving ability, complete with an enormous shark. Far Cry 3 had sharks. Both games are also famed for their large, hyper-real sandboxes and penchant for allowing the player to leave behind a trail of corpses so long that you could see it on Google Earth. But perhaps most importantly, both games come from two of the largest and most respected stables in gaming today, namely Ubisoft and Rockstar. I think it's fair to say the chances of Rockstar knocking it out of the park with GTA V are pretty big, but try as they might, here are 10 things that they won't be able to top from Ubisoft's best-gap-year-ever simulator. Beware: this article contains spoilers!

10. The Photo Of A Dwarf

FC3 dwarf People love to collect things. Things that appeal to them because they are pretty, or valuable, or rare. Or hilariously disturbing. Ubisoft recognised this, and every little thing you looted in FC3 was intricate or amusing. It seems unusual that a Grand Theft Auto game has yet to even venture down the road of pillaging, as there's clearly a massive scope and desire to do so (see: Borderlands). But Far Cry 3 got it just right, and every warm corpse you frisked was like tearing the wrapping off a parcel under the Christmas tree. Who knew what you'd find!? An LCD wrist watch? A meth pipe? Or even - no joke - a "rusty trombone". Superb.

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