GTA V: 10 Offensive Easter Eggs You Need To See For Yourself

Just try not to take them to heart.

Everything from the phallic mountainside graffiti piece to the poster fans think is Michael's wife in the past, what are the most offensive hidden easter eggs in GTA V? GTA V reignited the Grand Theft Auto series. Sure, there was enjoyment to be had during Niko Bellic's tale of the "American Dream" in the fourth iteration of the wildly successful franchise, but - on the whole - the game lacked the same spirit, verve and wacky antics as other entries in the GTA series. Make no mistake about it, the three-way tale involving main protagonists Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and everyone's very own lovable psychopath, Trevor Philips made GTA IV look unbelievably dull. Ironically, there are some who likely found more to relate with in the more serious IV, but V offered so much more, and looked damn good doing it - if you were to go back in time to 2004 and show someone what GTA of the future would look like, you'd blow their minds. One hallmark of Grand Theft Auto is that developers Rockstar like to have a little fun when making each game. Easter Eggs, as they have become known, are often in plentiful supply if you own a GTA title. There are cool pop-culture references, humour related to geek culture, and the series is simply unafraid to mock life in general. Let's be honest, GTA is not a favourite with members of parliament. Looked down upon as low-brow entertainment, GTA V once again came in for the same tired old knocks, but such courting of controversy is itself a trademark for Rockstar. We've all played GTA V to death, and have likely come across some rather interesting little hidden gems, but here are some of the most offensive, not to mention downright funny ones that you simply have to find.

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