GTA V: 10 Reasons You'd Be Insane Not To Play

9. The Boys (and Girls) Can Team Up With ONLINE!

Rockstar have confirmed the franchise evolving on the multiplayer side of things. Now as if having a town full of people and characters wasn€™t enough, you€™ll get to bring even more characters in. That€™s like merging Star Wars with Planet of the Apes, imagine! Chewbacca would have less of a complex regarding his hairiness and you would have a hell of a time trying to prove to that sweaty-palmed German kid who€™s the real €œO.G€! Meet the rest of the world who are into your world, in your world!

8. Express Yourself

Figuratively of course. What I mean is besides being a game that sparks the world cool to most cool (and uncool) people, the fashion sense of us all has been gloriously taken into account. The swagger jackers can live their dreams of intellectual prankster or hiphoppin gangster.

Whatever you choose to be or reflect, the game lets you take down the market place with a rocket launcher and a Chevrolet, killing thousands of innocents along the way and still wear shorts and socks like Hunter S. Thompson or Tank tops and baggy jeans like the 50 pence, I mean 50 cents! You know that guy with a jaw like an Audi A4€™s brakepad. Dress to kill and impress, no stress! €œIf it doesn€™t look good, it doesn€™t feel good€, someone said. I can€™t remember who€ Oh yes, my friend, Dr. Ski Z. Frenn (one crazy bast***!)


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