GTA V: 12 Dirty Hidden Secrets And Easter Eggs You Probably Missed

Sexy Golf Rockstar have a long and illustrious history of adding dirty little secrets into their games, and they seem to have whole-heartedly embraced the freer limitations of such an adult franchise as Grand Theft Auto, if the raunchy Easter Eggs and sexy hidden secrets within each game (especially the later ones) are anything to go by. Naturally, most will mention the presence of the Hot Coffee mini-game that was "removed" from San Andreas, before modders found the code all nicely retained within the skeleton of the game (definitely not on purpose, or anything,) and there are seemingly hundreds of dirty Eggs that are just as provocative (more so in most cases,) which got a pass despite being much more adult. Hiding these Eggs turns controversial content into a reward, and it's probably fair to say that GTA fans would now think something was wrong if they weren't uncovering something sordid out of the corner of their eye while wandering around a vast Rockstar universe. And of course GTA V is no different - packed to the gills with Easter Eggs to an almost unprecedented level, the game offers so much more than its main storylines, thanks not only to the many, many side missions, but also the little secret touches that build a mythology around the universe and make it so much more engaging. Naturally, a good deal of those flourishes are dedicated to boobs, butts and penises. There was a fairly insistent rumour from around a month ago that the game would allow protagonists to get their genitals pierced, if that sort of thing floats your boat, thanks to the presence of visiting tattoo artist Boonie, who specialised in genital piercing. That one, for now, remains to be confirmed, but you have to think that even Rockstar might draw the line at showing full-frontal pierced male nudity. Or maybe they wouldn't.

Honourable Mention

Playboy Mansion Gta V Very much on the raunchier side of the findable Easter Eggs, considering the topless inhabitants wandering around even during the day, but it's more than likely that you've discovered Rockstar's architectural tribute to Hugh Hefner by now, especially since we've included it in our run down of the best Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs already. And linked to the Playboy Mansion is the first of our raunchy little secrets...

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