GTA V: 15 Most Insane PC Mods You Need To See

Have you ever wanted to mow down the denizens of Los Santos in a Mario Kart? Look no further.

There's something about life in Los Santos that brings out the chaos-mongering lunatic in all of us, isn't there? Whether you're kicking up sand through Vespucci Beach in your latest set of hijacked wheels, or scraping the bottom of the pacific in search of hidden packages, fantasies of random carnage are always tickling away at the forefront of your mind. That's just a day in the life of GTA, and while you've had boatloads of imitators trying their hand at the ol' spot of free-form ultraviolence over the years, nobody's quite managed to pull it off with quite the same level of polish and style that Rockstar has. Even if you've rolled the credits dozens of times by now, and knocked the shine off of replaying your favorite missions, wreaking havoc on an epic scale (and getting away with it) never really loses it's luster. But sometimes it's not enough, sometimes you just want MORE, and that's usually when it's a good idea to turn to the modding community for that extra oomph you've been looking for. Whether you're looking for a cool new gadget or two, or you'd simply like a more efficient means of travel, there's something for your every want and need. From superpowers and superheroes, to time travel and biblical floods - these guys come up with everything, and there's always something new in the works.

15. Mobile Radio Have you ever found yourself hoofing it through the back alleys of Los Santos and thinking that maybe, just maybe escaping from the all-seeing eye of the omnipotent LSPD might be a little more bearable if you at least had the right soundtrack reverberating through your ears as you dived into a dumpster? Sometimes the best tweaks are the simplest, and this mod adds a feature that quite honestly should have been included from the very start - the option of blasting your favorite songs without gluing yourself to the confines of a vehicle. Nothing fancy here, but at least you'll have some decent tunes the next time you're bashing a hobo's head in with a bong.
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