GTA V: 15 Most Insane PC Mods You Need To See

9. Car Cannon As you cruise through the gleaming, sun-speckled streets of Los Santos, you'll often find yourself entertaining the oddest thoughts, little gems of homicidal inspiration such as: "is it possible to herd a group of C4-strapped bovines to the gas station?" (is that just me?). Armed to the gills with explosives and weaponry, and with the whole of Los Santos stretching out in front of you, you'll be forgiven for a few inspired flashes of 'lateral thinking' as you plot out an afternoon of mayhem. But if you've ever found yourself staring down your weapon's sights and randomly wondering what it'd be like to spew forth a fusillade of convertibles, then you're in luck. Nothing like a spot of car-on-car violence to really get the blood pumping.
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