GTA V: 5 Ways It Could Fail

It might be one of the biggest upcoming games, but what might Rockstar get wrong?

The hype behind GTA V is only growing, with screenshots, wishlists and "leaks" spreading like wild fire across the internet, and showing no signs of stopping. The game looks set to be the most anticipated of 2013 (or the end of 2012, depending on who you believe at this stage), and based on what we've seen so far, there's good reason for the excitement. But that doesn't mean the success of the game is a given - massive games like Modern Warfare 3 and even GTA IV ended up being comparative disappointments thanks to some problematic but completely avoidable issues, and we have to be wary of GTA V going the same way and failing to live up to the hype. So, what might GTA V get wrong? It is perfectly possible, and likely for even the most highly revered or well crafted game to have flaws, and no doubt GTA V will be close to, but not, perfect. So what are 5 ways it might totally screw up, and how could Rockstar avoid this crippling issues?

5. Driving

A common fan complaint about GTA IV was the driving mechanics. While I personally enjoyed it for the most part, some of the cars wanted to spin out and crash at the slightest bump. Even more annoying was how every vehicle felt heavy and even the most agile of sports cars handled like piles of bricks. How to fix it? Basically, lighten up a bit. It's that simple. GTA V could use GTA IV's next-gen physics in conjunction with a newer handling model that makes cars a bit more zippy and agile. And for the love of God, Rockstar, keep the camera on target, and not turning around erratically to distract the driver. Similarly, please lock the camera to the centre of the car, not to driver position, because that was really annoying.

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