GTA V: April 28th Release Date Leaked?

Release Date? We've seen all sorts of release dates for Grand Theft Auto V scattered over the internet - almost all of them have been proved to be incorrect. However, this one caught my eye. As I was looking through the GTA V content on IGN today, I stumbled onto their official Grand Theft Auto V Wiki which had a very specific release date put up there - 'April 28, 2013'. The reason I chose to share this release date over the other speculatives is simply because IGN have put up a whole lot of other accurate information on their site. We'd still suggest you take this with a pinch of salt but IGN have been right more times than they have been wrong. Though the release date IGN have given falls into the estimate Rockstar have given to us, 'Spring 2013', one very peculiar thing is that they claim it'll be released on the PC on this date. A PC version hasn't been confirmed by Rockstar and they have obvious reasons for this, something that I've covered in a previous article. I highly doubt that the game will be released on the PC this spring, this is simply because of the 'delay' Rockstar put in previously between releasing a game on a console and a PC - usually an average of 200 days. Whoever put this content onto the main IGN page will obviously have had some information given to him/her - IGN has previously done the 'GTA Week' where they interviewed Rockstar representatives - perhaps this is information that has slipped out from an official Rockstar representative? There is not much evidence to support the release date that IGN have given to us, the release of the game on the PC on April 28 is simply absurd, however, as this is coming from an authoritative website I wouldn't be surprised if it was accurate information. TheFeemeBoyIf GTA V is something that you're interested in - I have a YouTube channel dedicated entirely to GTA V - its upcoming release and all the official information we have about it.
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