GTA V: Cover Art Reveal Imminent - New York Public Artwork Photo!

b After Rockstar's disappointing delay of the cover reveal for Grand Theft Auto V, it seem we may now finally be able to see it soon. Very soon. A wall mounted art has begun construction in New York city showing the cover art in all its unfinished, slightly concealed glory. A similar move was done with GTA IV, with Rockstar releasing a time lapse of the cover being painted onto a wall. When the delay happened and the cover was nowhere to be found, Rockstar did not provide a reason or a time period, stating only that it would be "coming out a bit later as well." With the sudden emergence of this artwork in a public space, it would seem that the smoke screen may be clearing once and for all. If you live in the New York area, the alleged address for this artwork is 194 7th Avenue South, Manhattan, NY. It may be that Rockstar is trying to regain some of the hype lost when the delay was announced, along with the absence of the box art. After buzz went quiet for several months, Rockstar recently posted 10 screenshots from the game, the biggest info dump since the Game Informer article. Could this be a sign of marketing heating up? Maybe, maybe not. Many speculated that advertising would intensify after the information was released in December. However, it was not the case. In January, Rockstar released a new artwork and promised that the cover reveal was coming, however, it never came to fruition; the only thing fans were gifted was a 4 month delay. After this frustrating moment, no news or even mention of the game was made other than the buzz surrounding a date finally being set. After such a lull, is it possible that Rockstar is trying to regain excitement before more trailers, screens and info? If so, we could finally be going to see a Gameplay Series, similar to Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption, or possibly see a reveal of the multiplayer. Whatever happens, fans will get very excited indeed. What do you want to see from GTA V before it releases in September? Let us know below.
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