GTA V: Gamescom Refute GTA Unveiling Rumours

Rumours of an early GTA V unveiling have been quickly quelled by organisers of the prestigious Gamescom event.

Organisers of Gamescom have denied the rumours that have been circulating online which claimed that Rockstar would showcase Grand Theft Auto V at the German event this year. This comes amidst the news that other unknown projects from both Valve and a new Rockstar Table Tennis Tournament title -say that with a mouthful I dares€™ya - were listed in the itinerary for the show, which is due to go down in August this year. The apparently erroneous details emerged on the LinkedIn profile of a rather mischievous sounding Gamescom €œemployee€ (notice the inverted commas denoting sarcasm) Gerald Bauser who claims to be involved in some capacity with the management of this year€™s event. While this rumor has sparked confusion due to the release of a Gamescom 2012 showreel, Gamescom€™s actual organisers have spoken out and told a reporter at Eurogamer that they don€™t actually know Bauser at all and aren€™t showcasing GTA V at their event in any way, shape or form. It looks like Mr. Bauser isn€™t much more than an attention seeking internet prankster. How droll€ "He is not working for the official organisers of Gamescom (Koelnmesse and BIU)", a spokesman said. As well as running the prestigious Gamescom event, Bauser claims to have involvement in a range of high end A titles including Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Assassin€™s Creed 3 and the next World of Warcraft expension, presumably Mists of Pandaria €“ hell of a CV eh? Oh and this wally also lists Guild Wars €˜3€™ in the growing list of games he€™s involved with and in failing to spot and correct his own massive error he€™s only gone and given the whole game away. Well that and all the irrefutable evidence as well I suppose. Check out our dedicated GTA V Hub for all the latest news and gossip on the game as it happens. Enjoy!
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