GTA V Multiplayer: 3 Reasons To Be Excited

Listed here are the three reasons that I think GTA 5's multiplayer could be the game's best feature.

Presenting, Grand Theft Auto... Rockstar's next, mouth-watering addition to their most lucrative franchise and the sequel that is set to change the way you look at what multiplayer gaming can be in this industry. When you pop Call of Duty or Halo into your machine, you know you're off to go shoot some terrorists, and teabag some Spartans, and we're cool with that. But Rockstar isn't, and they're looking to do an Apple on you; giving you something you didn't even know you wanted. And you'll love them for it. Listed below are the three reasons that I think GTA 5's multiplayer could be the game's best feature;

1. Multiplayer Will Not Just Be About Killing People

Admit it, you're a human being with a sense of decency and respect, and after a day of feeding the animals on your farm, you don't want to shoot the crap out of people (well, most of you won't.) Multiplayer over the last few years (cough, Call of Duty, cough) has lead to the stigma of 'Multiplayer is the act of killing'. Maybe not anymore. GTA V's multiplayer portion may well include mini games that made there way originally into Red Dead Redemption in the form of say, Darts. Picture it, you're walking through the streets of Los Santos, cool wind in your hair, and you fancy a quick game of mini golf. No problem buddy, simply dial up (at least, that's what you did in GTA IV!), and arrange that round with a few clicks of the D-pad. Similarly, other games such as Poker could be introduced, in which you can win actual monetary funds in-game to use on the so forecasted property market. Alternatively, you could just buy weapons. Scumbag. Like it? I love it. Out with the death, in with the chips. Click "next" below to read the next entry...

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