GTA V New Details Imminent

At long last, the drought is over. Rockstar has revealed via Twitter that Game Informer journalist Andy McNamara is visiting Rockstar Games in New York this week to write a GTA V cover story for their December issue. Game Informer, as their title might suggest, is the magazine that always gets first dibs in a reveal, so this is good news. Furthermore, the articles are usually long and in depth, such as it was for the Mass Effect 3 issue, and there was about 5 pages of writing, screens and information, so this will be a gold mine for fans hotly anticipating the title. But what does this really mean? Well, Rockstar look finally ready to lift the lid on their new Grand Theft Auto release and spill more details. That means more screens, more trailers and hopefully a gameplay series, like RDR and Max Payne 3 got. Finally, all of our questions may start to be answered... though almost inevitably it will only lead to more questions. In other news, Rockstar has also announced a new collection bundle featuring Midnight Club: LA Complete Edition, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. It seems odd that RDR and L.A. Noire didn't get their complete or GOTY editions included, but for only $59.99 in the US, there's still an incredible deal there. Pricing for other territories has not been announced, but Rockstar's site states "on November 6, PS3 and Xbox 360 North American gamers can experience..." so it is currently unknown whether or not the UK, Asia, Europe and Australia will get this deal. If it does come to those regions, expect it to cost full retail price. The Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1 launches November 6 in North America on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Grand Theft Auto V's release date is still unknown, but more information will be upcoming.
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