GTA V Online: Finance & Felony - 10 Things You Need To Know

This will literally change everything.


Love it or hate it, GTA Online is massive. In fact, it's so massive that it's brought a staggering $500 million into Take-Two's coffers; all thanks to the multiplayer's internal economy that relies heavily upon players investing in 'Shark Cards', or microtransactions to the non-GTA players out there.

While these transactions have justifiably developed a bad rep within the mainstream press and gaming community, it has meant that all of Rockstar's updates to GTA Online have, so far, come at no cost to those in possession of the base game. 

In order to enjoy the new content, gamers don't necessarily have to part with their hard-earned cash, though the studio is certainly guilty of incensitivising them to do so.

Successive updates to Grand Theft Auto's fifth instalment have all featured vehicles, weapons and clothing of exorbitant prices, meaning that for those who don't really have the time nor the inclination to play GTA all day, every day, a shark card is the only viable way for them to partake in the festivities a DLC brings.

With this latest update, Finance and Felony promises to change Online in a big way - promising new vehicles, game modes, offices and more - and one would be extremely foolish to label Online as an open world of a bygone era.

Indeed, if this DLC is anything to go by, it may only just be beginning to realise its full potential.

10. We're Getting Three New Supercars


What would GTA be like without its wonderful array of exotic cars?

Unlicensed yet unashamedly derivative of real life brands, models and makes, GTA V contains more cars than any previous entry in the franchise has had, and considering the title's range of vehicles has been expanded upon in each and every update to grace the game since its 2013 debut, it would've been a bit odd if Finance and Felony didn't bring even more.

First up is the Pegassi Reaper, which seems to borrow heavily from both the Lamborghini Aventador and the Lycan Hypersport. It looks gorgeous, and apart from the obvious fact that it's going to cost a tonne when it drops, there's little chance this car won't be on everyone's shopping list when they first load into the update. Given previous trends as well, don't be too shocked to find out if the Reaper is the fastest and most expensive car in the Legendary Motorsport range.

Along with Rockstar's addition to their fictitious version of Italy's most famous car manufacturer are two other supercars - one Vapid, and one Grotti.

Knowledgeable players will already know that these are GTA's versions of Ford and Ferrari respectively, but what models they seem to be imitating is a little less clear cut than the Reaper. Regardless, they both look gorgeous, and if you've been saving up your GTA cash for a long time, well, now would be as good a time as any to part with it.

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