GTA V: Ranking The Heist Missions From Worst To Best

GTA V - Michael Plan

While robbing banks is a common feature in Grand Theft Auto games, GTA V treats its heists a little differently. Before, they were straightforward missions with little user choice. Now, heists are intricate plans where you get to choose the approach to take and who to recruit before acting it out like some glorious symphony of carnage. All the heists in GTA V are memorable for some reason but how do they rank against each other? If we were to consider the final payout, there would be a clear winner. But actually, every heist in the game brings excitement in one way or another; be it diving to the bottom of the ocean in a submarine or ramming a security truck at high speed to topple it. Here's a ranking of the six main heists in Grand Theft Auto from worst to best, based purely on how exciting and entertaining they were.

6. The Bureau Raid

Gta V Fib Building The Bureau Raid is the penultimate heist in the game but it's also one of the more basic. As Franklin and Michael, you have to get into the FIB Building to steal incriminating evidence against Steve Haines, your corrupt FIB taskmaster. The covert method for this heist sees Michael mopping floors and planting bombs before Franklin and the rest of the crew arrive as firemen to steal the hard drive. Taking the roof entry option leads to an all-out gun fight from the get-go. This certainly isn't going to be your favourite heist in the game, especially when there's no pay-off at the end either. Instead, Haines will attempt to get Michael and Franklin thrown in jail for orchestrating the raid. What a nice guy.

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