GTA V: What About A Female Protagonist?

What, you say? A female protagonist in a GTA game? Could they? Would they ever consider it? It wasn€™t until before the news of Grand Theft Auto V having multiple protagonists that I began to ponder this. I ventured into Grand Theft Auto forums and related articles for more of the fans opinions and found things like this:

€œI do feel sorry for all the women enjoying GTA while waiting for a female protagonist, but I think it wouldn€™t suit the game in the same way as Vercetti or Bellic has and will do respectively. I apologise to the women but I think men look better (personally)€ - Kotaku article commenter
Loads of fans feel Grand Theft Auto is a game made for a male for a male. Women have been portrayed in Grand Theft Auto with a number of roles: wives, girlfriends, hookers, siblings, crazy (look below for Catalina), drug pushers, pole dancers or mistresses. There€™s probably a whole lot more that I missed, but you get the picture. I could agree with the Kotaku commenter - my main concern would be the reception. I couldn€™t see a female being received well in a main game, but I still want to play as a woman in a Grand Theft Auto game for a change. Not because it wouldn€™t suit the game, but I believe it would be best to add a female in a DLC game to start with (or a game similar to Vice City or San Andreas for example?) and see how the reception from fans would be. The sexist jokes (whether they are funny or not) and comments fan would make are bound to come indeed. But would a female protagonist not open up to more gamers who would like a change of the countless male characters in the previous titles? Click "next" to continue reading...


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