GTA VI: 13 Things Fans Want (That Probably Won't Happen)

Isn't it time for GTA London?

gta london Even though the dust is still very much settling on the release of Grand Theft Auto V following its recent current-gen re-release as well as a PC port due in March, that hasn't stopped fans fervently discussing what they want to see showing up in the next game, which will likely arrive around 2017 or 2018. Of course, every time this subject comes up, the usual requests are raised, but everyone also has their own ideas about what would make a great GTA game, and it's usually the more outlandish requests that are more fun to hear about. Even so, there's the unfortunate reality that, while a good portion of GTA fans would love to see these 13 features, there's next to no chance Rockstar will actually bother implementing them for the next game. But why not? The reasons are numerous: technical limitations are a big one, as is the effort involved with implementing it possibly not being worth the potential payoff, but whatever motive Rockstar could cite for not including it, it doesn't really matter in the end. The bottom line is that these 13 additions are probably never ending up in a GTA matter how awesome they'd be. Click "next" below to kick start this list...
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