Guff Episode #4 - E3 & Prometheus Special

It's an E3 special this week, with all of the latest announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony up for discussion. There's also a review of Ridley Scott's eagerly awaited return to Sci-Fi with 'Prometheus'.

Guff triumphantly returns with the latest news, reviews and a countdown of the UK video game top ten. It€™s all primed and ready to be picked apart and fondled ever so delicately by our not-so-expert team of seasoned geeks. It€™s an extra chunky E3 special this week, with all of the latest announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony all being discussed throughout the show. As well as this year€™s big games like Halo 4, ZombiU and Beyond: Two Souls, there€™s also much debate surrounding this years featured tech €“ including Nintendo€™s Wii U and Microsoft SmartGlass. You€™ll also find a smattering of movie chat squeezed in this week, with the release of the highly anticipated €˜Prometheus€™ provoking some mixed feelings within the group. Perhaps not quite as majorly hyped, but still worthy of discussion, there€™s also a brief review of Men in Black 3. (Music by Teleidofusion) Recording Date: 06/05/12 Email us at €“ Tweet us €“ @guffcast Guff is made up of the following presenters €“ Lewis Craig, Nick Georgiou, Stephen Leigh, Christian Dalton Locke & Robert Trott. _____________ What did you make of this podcast? Your comments are welcome and help us understand what can be improved upon for future shows.
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Cult horror enthusiast and obsessive videogame fanatic. Stephen considers Jaws to be the single greatest film of all-time and is still pining over the demise of Sega's Dreamcast. As well regularly writing articles for WhatCulture, Stephen also contributes reviews and features to Ginx TV.