Guff Episode #5 - Game of Thrones, Watch Dogs & Tomb Raider

As Game of Thrones the game enters the UK top ten, we give our early impressions of Cyanide's RPG. Also, Tomb Raider controversy, Watch Dogs hype and news from the Timesplitters 4 rumour mill.

Guff triumphantly returns with the latest news, reviews and a countdown of the UK video game top ten. It€™s all primed and ready to be picked apart and fondled ever so delicately by our not-so-expert team of seasoned geeks. In the latest episode, Cyanide's RPG based on the hugely successful fantasy epic 'Game of Thrones' is discussed along with other previous attempts to bring TV shows to game consoles. We also weigh in on the controversy surrounding 'Tomb Raider' and ask which taboos are still to be crossed by games, and if the industry should have equal freedom to other forms of media. You'll also find the usual light serving of movie chat, with our impressions of the latest trailers for Paul Thomas Anderson's 'The Master', and Universal's 'The Bourne Legacy'. Other films featured include 'Dumb and Dumber To' and 'American Reunion'. WARNING: This weeks Guff features strong language and incredibly poor celebrity impersonations. (Music by Teleidofusion) Recording Date: 20/06/12 Email us at €“ Tweet us €“ @guffcast Guff is made up of the following presenters €“ Lewis Craig, Nick Georgiou, Stephen Leigh, Christian Dalton Locke & Robert Trott. _____________ What did you make of this podcast? Your comments are welcome and help us understand what can be improved upon for future shows.
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Cult horror enthusiast and obsessive videogame fanatic. Stephen considers Jaws to be the single greatest film of all-time and is still pining over the demise of Sega's Dreamcast. As well regularly writing articles for WhatCulture, Stephen also contributes reviews and features to Ginx TV.