Hades: 14 Awesome Details You Totally Missed

Supergiant's masterpiece is LOADED with awesome secrets and character details.

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The pretty much universally acclaimed Hades game took the gaming community by storm during its main release in September 2020, even though many knew of its great quality from its early access release in 2018. There's a reason it's gotten top ratings across the board, and was, for many, their "game of the year" of 2020.

Though most have already covered its meticulous detail, satisfying gameplay, and undeniably hot character designs, there's a lot to be said about how much story there is in this game - a strange thing to say about a game in the rogue/rogue-like/rogue-lite genre, known for its dearth of story.

This game is brimming with detail and references to mythology and even history, as well as elements of games that inspired it, and there's a lot of this detail that can be missed while fighting through Hades's underworld at a breakneck pace.

Some of it might be found in the art, and others in the dialogue, and others still in the different ways you can play the game and interact with characters, which encourages repeat playthroughs even when you finish the main story.

From the sweet to the hilarious to the heartbreaking to the surprising, here are just a few of the secrets and details in the game you may have missed.


Spoilers ahead for elements of the story.

14. The Embarrassing Baby Photo

hades game
Supergiant Games

One of the mechanics in the game for people who enjoy personalising their experience is the ability to decorate the House of Hades. Though some of the decorating choices do change certain story outcomes, which in turn change gameplay outcomes depending on specific relationships and abilities that come out of such, others are just for the sake of fun and aesthetic, decorating the house to your whims and annoying your father.

In one of the halls of the house is a clear space where Zagreus can get the House Contractor to hang portraits, paintings, and landscapes of his choosing.

A notable one among these is the picture of Cerberus, which is small enough that you don't get to see the details. Zagreus comments that it has the ability to "embarrass" most of the house's residents in one go, though those who haven't seen the painting's subject may question why. The portrait shows Cerberus playing with baby versions of Zagreus, Megaera, and Thanatos.

This painting is non-canonical, since both Megaera and Thanatos were fully grown long before Zagreus was ever born, but it's still hilarious, adorable, and mind-blowing to look at for fans of the characters they've grown to love.

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