Half-Life 3: 10 Crazy Fan Demands That Could Happen

Incredible features that just might happen, if Valve ever manages to count to three.

funnyjunk.comfunnyjunk.comHere's a fact that will leave you feeling uncomfortably old: this year a decade will have passed since Half-Life 2's release. Valve's incredible first-person shooter was an instant classic, and still sets the bar for narrative-driven gameplay. However, with so much time having passed, some have questioned how the third entry can possibly live up to ten year's worth of expectations. Fortunately, Valve are a company with a particularly good track record, and we can think of no better developer to carry the fate of the world's most anticipated FPS. Valve can also be a frustrating developer for fans though, thanks to their policy of being extremely tight-lipped about all future projects. Other than some leaked artwork and various sources letting slip that the second sequel is currently being worked on, nothing has been officially confirmed about Half-Life 3, including its existence in the first place. This hasn't stopped rabid fan speculation though. A decade is a long time, and the internet has been a boiling pot for crazy rumours and demands of what should be featured in Half-Life 3. While there are several rumours that just won't be happening (Steam OS exclusive anyone?), we've managed to put together a list of the 10 fan demands that could well feature in the final game.
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