Halo: 10 Best Moments

We look back at the most touching and frankly epic moments of the beloved series.

Even if you give it enough thought, it's hard to come up with your favourite Halo scenes. In every Halo game we're presented with some truly moving moments that make even the coldest of souls shed a tear. Listed beneath are some of my favourits from the series, enjoy!

10. R.I.P Reach (Halo Reach)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syXSr5yoDC4&feature=plcp The only scene in the series where we truly are going to war, and you realise what is really at stake. Nothing compares to this almighty moment as you charge your Warthog at the enemy, albeit for only a few seconds. Moments like this create a cinematic experience which many players have come to know and love, and creates a deep bond between you and the game itself.

9. Let's Be Friends (Halo 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gswqH2UxBUo&feature=plcp One of the friendlier and graphically beautiful scenes from the series. This follows the end of 'Floodgate' when the Flood arrive on the Earth, hungry. As such, you join forces with the Covenant Separatists and 343 Guilty Spark. Shit's going down. Quite an interesting scene based purely on the fact that you spend the prior games trying to kill some of the characters that surround you, so it's a little surreal in a way that everyone is now stood behind a common cause.
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