Halo 4: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

With Halo 4 promising to relaunch the franchise, we look forward to the upcoming release with 10 reasons to look forward to it...

It was announced at E3 last year that the Master Chief would be returning to our consoles and now with Halo 4's release date drawing closer and closer, its about time we sat down and took a look at all the things that are going to make the return of Spartan 117 one of the stand out events of the year.

1. The Return of The Master Chief

Halo fans the world over mourned the loss of John 117 in 2008 when developers, Bungie, decided to exile the main protagonist of one of the most popular first person shooter franchises of all time to the reaches of deep space. After following the Master chief through 7 years and 3 main titles, tears soaked controllers the world over as we watched him sacrifice himself to end the ongoing war with the covenant. His return, along with the return of everyone's favorite smart talking artificial intelligence, Cortana, (aside from GlaDos of course) in what is being labeled as the the reclaimer trilogy will be something that fans have craved for 4 years.

2. A Whole New World

The return of the Halo franchise gives players the opportunity to explore a whole new sandbox world and fans will agree that one of the amazing things about Halo has always been how richly detailed all of the environments have been and how immersive the multiplayer maps are. The chance to see and explore a new exciting world, especially with the new, innovative gameplay of Halo 4 is one that cannot be missed. The fact that it was once home to the Forerunners of Covenant legend is just the icing on a beautifully rendered cupcake. The developers at 343 Games have said that Halo 4 will see a return towards the sandbox worlds of Halo:Combat Evolved, More than likely taking tips from the success of Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary.

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