Halo 6 Confirmed - 343 Industries Planning 'Ultimate End' For Master Chief

Whether that means death or something else, is up for debate.

One of gaming's most recognisable and championed franchises, Halo's never been anything less than on top of the world. The first instalment back in 2001 blew everybody's hair back and into a neighbouring continent, proving not only could first-person shooters be 'done' on consoles, but that Bungie's debut would be one of the finest of all time. Flash-forward a decade and a half and the majority of that original team have transferred across to Destiny, leaving supergroup-developers 343 Industries to pick up the ball and run with it. Now, in a new interview with GamesRadar, Frank O'Connor let slip that not only is Halo 6 already in the works, but the team are in a state to plan every aspect of the Master Chief's next few years. Some choice quotes include;

"We do kind of know what€™s going to happen in the next game pretty well at this point,""That process could change the story but we know what€™s going to happen in the next game, and we kind of know what€™s going to happen to the Master Chief ultimately.""When we started Halo 3, there was a lot of kind of... 'OK, we€™ve got to finish telling the story that we had in Halo 2, but we also have to move it forward."
He also mentions how when the first game was being put together, the team didn't really know there was going to be a sequel, and tumultuous development issues on the sequel made it hard to plan for the future. Consequently, this is probably the biggest reason why Halo 4 saw such a big injection of lore and personal development for the Chief so far - an angle that should carry through to Guardians and beyond. What do you make of the news? Are you looking forward to Halo 5: Guardians at this point? Let us know in the comments!

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