Halo Infinite Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play - What Is Happening With This Game?

Every "clarification" just raises more questions.


As 343 Studios and Microsoft go into damage control following the backlash to the recently-dropped trailer for Halo: Infinite, more information about the game has seemingly been leaked from an online retailer.

Smyths Toys listed Halo: Infinite on its website, alongside a description that highlighted the new multiplayer suite, that's apparently going to support 120 FPS gameplay and, most pressingly, will be Free-To-Play.

So far, there's been very little revealed officially about Infinite's online offering, and this would be a huge departure for the series (but not necessarily an unwelcome one).


343 also released a statement covering the reaction to the initial reveal, promising that they are indeed listening and will take on board the criticism in time for the game's launch. With around three months to go before it ships though, how much can realistically be done to address the worries fans have in such a short time?


Infinite's road to release has certainly been interesting, so expect even more developments in the coming weeks.

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