Haunt Available For Free to US Kinect Owners

Whether you're using your Kinect or not, at least it's a free game. Dust off that sensor and get to downloading!

Haunt is available for download free right now, until July 2nd. This comes as an offer for the launch of the new dashboard feature "Kinect Central". If you're curious about downloading the game you have to click into the "Kinect Central" homepage, so make sure you're not wasting your time searching through the Game Marketplace. Oh, you're not sure what Haunt is, well let me give you a breakdown of the Kinect title. You assume the role of an imprisoned pawn for the eccentric known as Benjamin Muldoon. Benjamin is a soul trapped inside his haunted mansion's paintings, which requires you to help him free his spirit once and for all. Fans of the much beloved gaming developer Tim Schafer will get a kick to know that Muldoon is voiced by none other than Schafer himself, and delivers a solid performance providing the voice for the eccentric character. The game offers up a humerous adventure through scary environments and puzzles. Curious for more? Check out the trailer below, and you can always just go download it now. http://youtu.be/g1EE-djRxe8 Have you already picked up the adventure title, and if so what were your thoughts on the game? Is it worth the free download, or will gamers just be wasting their precious time away from other titles? Be sure to drop us a comment in the section below. Remember, if you're looking for a reason to put your Kinect to good use check out "Kinect Central", and pick up your free copy of Haunt now. Source: Gameinformer

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