Here’s Your Free Xbox Live Games With Gold For February 2016

Free stuff, yay!

At the end of the January rainbow, Microsoft€™s monthly Games with Gold program has announced another pot of gold for February. The program is set to offer more Xbox 360 and Xbox One games free to its Xbox Live Gold subscribers. For Xbox 360 users, Sunday saw the release of the action hack n€™ slash side-scroller game Sacred Citadel. Retaining the series€™ world fantasy aesthetic, the game offers four playable characters and is, like a fine bourbon, best when enjoyed with friends. Probably a more anticipated game is Marcus Fenix€™s second act in Gears of War 2, which will be downloadable from February 16. The shooter game is bigger, better and more badass than its predecessor, with new weapon-specific executions, shocking boss fights, and breathtaking visual effects creating a more heightened and immersive experience. Xbox One owners now have the privilege of being able to download both Xbox One and Xbox 360 Gold titles. First in line, is the €œhybrid rogue-like/action-RPG/deck builder€ card game Hand of Fates, which is also available to Xbox One owners. The digital card game distinguishes itself from its competitors by incorporating familiar elements from collectible card games, action RPGs and choose-your-own adventure games. Following this, and also on February 16, Xbox One owners have the opportunity to collect the most expensive game on offer this month, Styx: Master of Shadows, for free. This action-RPG title, set in a gloomy fantasy world, follows a goblin assassin who must use infiltration tactics and stealth to steal the heart of the mighty World Tree. Huzzah!


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