Hitman 3 Review - Is It Worth Buying?

Hitman 3 Hands-On Review - It's Bold and Beautiful!

Hitman 3 Review
IO Interactive

I've always been a fan of the Hitman games, as nothing else has quite managed to scratch the itch that these sandbox-Esque puzzle/murder simulators offer, and while the franchise has had its ups and downs like all with a lengthy tenure tend to do, the recent resurgence in popularity for the slap-headed super-assassin in recent years is something that warms my heart.

Finally, it seems that people are truly getting behind the big bald bad boy that is Agent 47, and with this new head of steam, a lot of eyes are on Hitman 3 which is set to drop on Jan 20, 2021. Yet with such weight and anticipation behind it, the question on everyone's lips is, "Is Hitman 3 worth buying?

In short, yes. I won’t waste your time here with a tonne of preamble suggesting anything else, but why this title is worth your money goes far beyond it being just another immaculate installment in the Hitman reboot, for this game has a history that’s worth diving into. So sit back and relax and don’t think about why that window you definitely closed is now open as we travel all the way back to the heady days of 2016.

When the franchise was hit with the steel toe-capped Reboot, fans were unsure of what to make of things. Being told that the beloved Hitman series would continue was cause for celebration, however, the episodic approach was less so, as fans believed that this might lead to a lack of quality, direction, and narrative. While the latter of the three definitely was an issue with only a loosely connected story tieing the experiences together, IO Interactive absolutely delivered on the former, unleashing levels of such high production value and packed to the brim with loving details that it felt like not only astounding value for money but also an incredibly appealing time investment as players went back, again and again, to comb over levels and complete the myriad of sandbox-style challenges.

The project had found its mark and hammered home its weapon of choice deep into the necks of fans, which attracted the attention of Warner Bros. Interactive who took on IO Interactive as partners for the sequel Hitman 2. With bigger budgets came the ability to release a full-length experience that stuffed even more stealth kills into it, and had more outlandish costume changes than Randy Savage circa WrestleMania 4. The title was praised not only for doubling down on what made the original experience so successful, but also adding in the thoroughly addictive Sniper Challenge Co-Op mode which added in yet more reason to stick with everyone's favorite never-ending forehead.

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