Horizon Zero Dawn Explained: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

One of the most profound mystery narratives in gaming history.

Horizon zero dawn

What an outstanding year for games 2017 has been, almost as though every developer and producer has been stowing up their finest titles for the last two years, only to open the floodgates and engulf us all (in a good way).

Thankfully, Horizon Zero Dawn is a real labour of love, more than deserving of all those 5 star reviews. Its allure is routed in simultaneously tackling a number of nuanced topics, ranging from delving into protagonist Aloy's parentage, the underground, forever-mysterious 'Metal World', and how the surrounding environment became populated by ferocious robotic dinosaurs.

In a supremely confident turn, Guerrilla answer every last one of their biggest questions, challenging the writers to pull at some fairly minuscule threads for the (inevitable) sequel, yet that does mean there's a veritable ton of information and profound commentary to digest once the credits roll.

Make no mistake, the devs have written a story that is one of the most satisfying mystery narratives in gaming history, and going forward, I'm going to delve into the heaviest of spoilers for every major aspect of what Horizon is all about.

Whether you've experienced it first-hand or not, Horizon Zero Dawn is a story we'll be talking about for years to come.

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Gaming Editor

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