How Did These Video Game Characters Die?

How did these gaming icons meet their end?

far cry 3 vaas

Video games are often defined less by their narratives - which, let's be honest, have a tendency for spottiness - and more for their ideas and their characters.

And what better way to ensure players get emotionally invested in a game than to introduce them to a charismatic, likeable or badass character - be they a hero or villain - only to kill them off later on? It's a classic pop-culture staple as old as entertainment itself.

That was certainly the case in all of these classic video games, which delivered some of the most iconic death scenes the medium has ever seen. But given how many games we're all busy playing at any one time, you'd be forgiven for forgetting at least a few of them.

From deaths by turns brutal to emotionally shattering, totally effed-up and everything in-between, just how deeply did these iconic video game demises resonate in your brain?

The results are at the end, as ever, so good luck!

1. Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII)


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