How Valve Should Make Half-Life 3

With Half Life Alyx reviving the series, what should Half Life 3 look like?


After over twelve years of silence, one of the most beloved gaming franchises has returned to the masses. Released a couple of months ago, the VR game Half Life: Alyx successfully brought the series back from the dead. This time Valve went full throttle with virtual reality tech, once again progressing the industry forward and creating easily the best AAA title on the platform to date.

It did more than that though; Half Life Alyx's positioning as a a prequel delivered a great story that both fits into the greater narrative and moreover, left us excited to see where things will go next.

No spoilers here, but Half Life: Alyx very much has Valve turning to the fans towards its end and saying, "We're back, and Half Life is here to stay".

All eyes now point to future entries, and with Half Life 3 seemingly back on the table, we're all wondering which direction it could take.

Such a mythical sequel might still be a ways off, but here are some pointers for Valve to note.

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