How Well Do You Know Naughty Dog?

Do you know your Salims from your Nitros Oxides?

Naughty Dog

Founded in California in 1984, Naughty Dog have created lasting franchises with memorable storylines and tight gameplay.

After developing a few standalone titles for a myriad of consoles, Naughty Dog reached true prominence with the Crash Bandicoot games across the 1990s. Once dubbed “Sony’s answer to Mario”, the studio's importance to the PlayStation brand was recognised with acquirement by Sony in 2001.

Since then, they have exclusively created some of the PlayStation's biggest names. Starting with Jak and Daxter for the PlayStation 2, the studio has since evolved to create immersive third person action games such as Uncharted and The Last of Us.

So, as we eagerly await The Last of Us Part II, I’ve prepared this Naughty Dog quiz to test your knowledge about the studio.

Answers at the end, but I don’t think you’ll get 100%. Best of luck!

1. What Was The Original Founding Name For The Company?


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