How Well Do You Remember Batman: Arkham Knight?

Test your knowledge to see if you are a dark knight, a boy wonder, or just a bit of a joker.

Batman Arkham Knight 10

It's been five years since Arkham Knight hit consoles, for what was assumed to be the final instalment of the series, but for many the game has lived on in screens, browsers and comic-con cosplays across the globe. It brought us old friends, new foes and, for better or worse, an awful lot of the Batmobile and its winch.

In the game, The Dark Knight returns to the streets of Gotham as Scarecrow seeks revenge by unleashing his fear toxin across the city, backed by a mysterious new antagonist in the Batman-esque form of the Arkham Knight. Vying for dominance over the evacuated streets, and contending with a full roster of his rogues gallery, Batman must utilise every contact, gadget and upgrade at his disposal to stop Scarecrow's plan.

With rumours of another game on the horizon, perhaps in the form of a soft reboot or far-future continuation, we take a look back at the game that seemed to bring Bruce Wayne's tenure as the caped crusader to a close.

Strap on your gadget belt and fire up the Batmobile; it's time to test your mastery, memory and knowhow of everything Arkham Knight.

1. Which Of The Following Villains Does Not Appear In The Game?


Slayer of gnomes and trolls. Pedants beware.