How Well Do You Remember Dragon Age Inquisition?

High dragons, darkspawn magisters, and a plethora of cheese wheels.


BioWare's been making a few big announcements lately, one of which assures that the Dread Wolf is indeed rising, and they're finally getting a team back on one of their most popular original franchises, Dragon Age.

Even with only three games, the world of Thedas (which, hilariously, stands for "THE DA Setting", according to devs) is enormous and expansive and still growing, with extensive histories and varied cultures addressed in every game, the biggest being their latest title, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Given that Inquisition was almost considered an open world with how vast its maps were, especially with the level 1 Hinterlands being bigger than the entirety of Origins, it's probably impossible to remember every little detail, especially since even after a dozen playthroughs, people still discover new things about BioWare's dark high fantasy.

But we're gonna test that knowledge anyway.

How well do you really remember BioWare's last big fantasy game, and how prepared are you to welcome the coming storm of the franchise's fourth instalment?

1. Which Character Is NOT A Grey Warden Contact Option For Hawke?


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