How Well Do You Remember God Of War 2018?

The journey of Kratos and Boy was memorable, but how much so?

God of War Wikia

God of War 2018 was a long-awaited soft reboot of the iconic PlayStation franchise, and boy was it worth the wait - no pun intended.

From the trailers Santa Monica released, we knew we were in for one heck of a great game but I don't think many would have been bold enough to predict it would be one of the best games of the generation, heck, of all time. However, the game released way back in April. In gaming time that's practically a lifetime.

We're all currently enamoured with Red Dead Redemption II, and rightfully so, but we shouldn't forget about God of War. Game of the Year 2018 is certainly going to come down to those two juggernauts and we felt it was high time we tested your memory. God of War 2018 had some mind-blowing, unforgettable moments, but just how many of them can you recall? And is your memory as clear as you think? Let's find out! [SPOILERS AHEAD]

1. What Is This Character's Name?


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