How Well Do You Remember Resident Evil 2?

A quick refresher before we return to Raccoon City.


Rejoice, Resident Evil fans, for your tireless requests over the last decade plus haven't fallen on deaf ears. Leon and Claire's struggle to escape Raccoon City before its inevitable nuclear cleansing is a hellish tale we'll all soon be able to relive without being forced to dust off a 20-year-old game, though not everything will be as you remember.

Capcom's tweaked, relocated or otherwise rewritten entire elements of Resident Evil 2 as part of its ground-up recreation in order to keep veterans on their toes, but that doesn't mean prior knowledge won't be helpful in making it out of Raccoon City alive. To that end, we've put together a gauntlet of memory-testing questions to ensure you're up to speed - and to pay tribute to the classic original - before the first big release of 2019 hits.

Capcom's ready. Are you?

1. How Long After The Original Game Does Resident Evil 2 Take Place?


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