How Well Do You Remember Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?

It's been over a year since Respawn's seminal Star Wars title, but how well do you remember it?


It's been one year since Respawn released Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, where we played as Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis as he is hunted by the Empire. The game takes place five years after the Jedi Purge in the 19 year gap between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. By March 2020, 10 million copies of the game had been sold.

The game delivers the full Jedi experience, giving players access to a finely tuned combat system that makes good use of Kestis' lightsaber and Force abilities. Whilst the story isn't particularly long, the game gives the player eight planets to explore, all open worlds and with plenty of discoveries hidden across the landscapes. Each planet is also home to unique challenges and opportunities for Cal and droid compatriot BD-1 to tackle.

Besides the use of heroes and villains in Battlefront, this is the first Star Wars game published by EA to give players full access to a Jedi's powers.

A sequel is yet to be formally announced, but going by how we left Cal and friends - as well as rumours indicating one is in the works - some form of continuation is certain.

But how well do you remember this cracking Star Wars action-adventure game?

1. What Is The Name Of The Planet Cal Is Hiding Out On In The Intro?


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