How Well Do You Remember The Gears Of War Series?

How well do you know the history of Sera?


With Gears Tactics' release last month, it's a great time to look back at the series as a whole and bask in the nearly fourteen years of mayhem the Gears of War series has offered.

Delta squad and their descendants have been through a boatload of planet-wide wars, tragic losses, and magazines upon magazines of bullets. From sinking entire cities to being swallowed by a variety of horrific creatures, fans have happily ripped their way through The Locust Horde and The Swarm with a plethora of guns, explosives, and chainsaws.

Of course, one mustn't forget the surprisingly deep lore and history of the series. The planet of Sera had suffered many years of bloodshed far before Dom broke Marcus out of prison. And as the series progress, the diverse characters and sadistic war exercises have only expanded, not to mention Gear of War's extensive development history and its considerable impact on the gaming industry.

So, can you remember the details behind this award-winning series?

Lock and load: it's time to move out.

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