How Well Do You Remember The Original Star Wars Battlefront Games?

Everyone claims to love the old Battlefront games, but can you ace this quiz?


If you ask someone what their favourite Star Wars game was, there's a high chance that they'd pick 2005's Star Wars: Battlefront II. Even if they didn't choose battlefront, they're sure to tell you how they loved the game regardless. It's an early PS2 classic and rightfully so. The original Battlefront was also immensely popular, with some die-hard fans preferring it to its sequel.

Even over a decade later fans of the franchise can't help but compare the two previous games to the new Battlefront games created by EA and DICE. While the newer entries in the franchise may boast incredible graphics, superb sound design and some of the largest maps the franchise has ever seen, many fans still prefer the two old classics.

It's understandable. While the games may be quite dated, they still boast some fantastic gameplay and clearly the developers were extremely passionate about the work they created.

The games are surprisingly packed to the brim with content and trivia, but how many of these questions can you answer correctly? From game mechanics to secret Easter eggs, these twenty questions are sure to challenge any Star Wars fan...

1. True Or False: The Heroes In Battlefront (2004) Were Invincible


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