Infinity Ward Working on Next Gen Call of Duty?

Activision wants a Call of Duty game released every year so it wouldn't surprise us.

Last October Call of Duty developer Treyarch had a job listing posted for a senior software engineer required for "bringing our hugely successful game to a new console." Now it appears that the other Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward is doing the same as they also have a job listing for a senior animator:
"with experience in game development and an interest in working with next-generation technologies."
There are listings for other jobs on the Infinity Ward website, but none of those indicates it is for developing on next generation consoles. Even though this is just a rumour at this time, it would make sense to start work on next generation consoles because it generally takes a minimum of at least two years to develop a game from the ground up; which you would have to do for a new console. It would actually be stupid of Activision not to be at least looking into next generation consoles at this point, considering the Wii U will be released sometime this year and a new Xbox probably next year. Activision wants a Call of Duty game released every year and to do so and get the game out on new consoles they would have to start working sooner rather than later. Do you think Activision already has these two developers working on next generation Call of Duty games or is to soon?

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