Injustice 2: 10 Things We Can't Wait To See

More heroes, more carnage...

After accidentally murdering his beloved Lois Lane and their unborn child, 2013€™s Injustice: Gods Among Us saw the Man of Steel turn ruthless dictator, brutally executing the Joker and reinventing himself as a new, no-nonsense Superman. Set in an alternate universe, Injustice pit the dimension-hopping regular, non-murderous Justice League we all know and love against a dark Superman and his super-powered cronies. Above all, though, it was a game which gave players the ability to repeatedly beat the utter snot out of the DC hero or villain of their choosing. Let€™s be honest €“ Aquaman, usually. With its Mortal Kombat inspired gameplay, cinematic graphics and deep knowledge of comic book lore, Injustice quickly emerged as one of the best comic book games in years (anything with the word €˜Arkham€™ in notwithstanding) and as an entirely satisfying beat €˜em up in its own right. A sequel, then, seemed inevitable. At last, rumours have emerged of such a sequel. As Gods Among Us ended with Superman imprisoned and rendered powerless by Red Kryptonite (there€™s a colour for every occasion) we can€™t wait to see what world-shattering threat a sequel might bring. Will Superman return, badder than ever, or does a new Big Bad beckon? Which heroes and villains will be along for the ride? Will NetheRealm fix the awful costumes everyone was wearing last time? Will there be a Ben Affleck mode? Only time will tell. That€™s not going to stop us from speculating, though€
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