Injustice 2: Every Character Confirmed So Far

Gods and monsters among us.

Injustice 2

Though there are some cynics out there who will tell you that the world has had enough of hero versus hero clashes after 2016's big screen throw-downs, there's an enduring appeal to pitting super-powered characters against each other that has captured the affections of a huge Injustice fanbase.

And now, four years after the excellent original, NetherRealm are unveiling the next step in the Injustice sequel, adding new heroes and villains and a whole new Brainiac-focused story-line, and whipping up the hype once more. We already know that the roster will be pushing 40 when it is complete, and that's not to mention premium reskins that should double it. It's set to be the biggest roster yet.

Additionally, there will be DLC characters - very possibly including Mortal Kombat characters, as with the first game, so there's a lot of excitement yet to come in the remaining announcements. For now though, we know who we can play and who we'll hate to play against.

As an added bonus, some of the rumoured reskin characters for each character have been included alongside the base characters. And there are still more to be revealed, including DLC.

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