Injustice 2: Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Batman V Superman... V everyone else.

Injustice 2

Of all the strange concoctions in the history of gaming, DC's meshing with Mortal Kombat back in 2008 has now birthed one of the finest fighting games of all. In fact, just going off the sheer amount of content, roster variety and tactical depth on offer, you could totally make the case that Injustice has surpassed the mighty Mortal Kombat in every respect.

Back to that roster, as NetherRealm have delivered one of the most varied and enjoyable in quite some time. Thanks to their unique approach to combos and chaining your moveset together (it's up to you to experiment and see what links to what), spending time with any character opens up a huge amount of possibility.

From Atrocitus to The Flash, the best thing about Injustice is you can't fall back on hitting the same combos across all characters. Very rarely is there any uniform button input outside of grapples, leaving you to both pick and master a good handful of favourites.

Truly, that is the mark of a good fighting game, and though I guarantee there'll be plenty discussion in the comments below, let's have a go at breaking down just which fighters are the most accomplished, balanced and fun to play.


Note: DLC/pre-order/microtransaction characters are not included - just the main roster.

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