Injustice 3: 10 Characters NetherRealm Must Include

Round three - fight!


You would think constructing a more brutal version of a decades old franchise would mean that your choice of characters would be limited, yet the Injustice universe has so far hosted many of DC's colourful cast of superheroes and villains since the release of the first game in 2013; ranging from pop culture icons such as Batman or Superman, to the more obscure Swamp Thing or Blue Beetle.

While tens, maybe hundreds of characters have appeared across both the Injustice games and comic series, only a comparative handful have had the playable fighter treatment, with other popular DC characters (whether that means popular in comic circles or a mainstream audience) yet to even appear in either medium of the Injustice-verse.

There are obviously a whole plethora of heroes and villains for the developers at NetherRealm to choose from, and every fan seems to have their own list of characters that they would like to see in the next iteration of the Injustice game.

With characters spanning the entire spectrum of the DCU - from its streets all the way to its stars - here are the ones that should appear in the next Injustice title.


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