Injustice 3: 10 More Characters NetherRealm Must Include

Did you seriously think we were done with suggestions?


Admittedly, we've given NetherRealm an unholy amount of recommendations for characters that should appear in their third Injustice game, but we couldn't resist just a few more suggestions.

After all, there are plenty of heroes and villains from DC that originate from every kind of genre, tone and background, meaning there are plenty of characters of every flavour that could be used to spice up the game's roster. Whether that be in the base line-up of the threequel or in the inevitable DLC packs, DC have more than enough characters to choose from.

Here are just a handful more handpicked recommendations for some characters that could join NetherRealm's insane DC Comics brawler.

10. Jonah Hex

DC Comics

In terms of providing variety to the Injustice roster, Jonah Hex would be a fantastic choice - the character being the one of the few cowboy heroes in the DC Universe and, if added, the only cowboy hero to fight in NetherRealm's DC arena.

Furthermore, Hex, despite having his name dragged through the mud by that Josh Brolin movie, has a quite the cult following behind him, meaning that his addition would please certainly please fans.

Sure, a character whose abilities basically only consist of his capacity to shoot things may not make for the most exciting of skill sets within a fighting game (just see Injustice 2's Deadshot for evidence of this) but his other qualities more than make up for this fact, meaning that his addition to the roster of Injustice would be more than welcome.

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