Is EA About To Be Bought Out?

Is EA willing to be bought out by Nexon?

Today EA's stock went sky high when rumors started surfacing that Nexon a free-to-play developer/publisher was interested in buying the company. Bloomberg is reporting that a Korean newspaper has picked up inside information that: Nexon "has contacted EA about making an offer." There has been no official word on how EA responded to the offer. EA's stocks went up six percent with this news, which is higher than they have been in weeks. Nexon is the larger of the two companies but not by much as EA is worth an approximate 5 billion dollars. Whether Nexcon has the actual assets to buy EA is one of the big questions, the other being is EA willing to be bought by a free-to-play developer. However, at this point it may be in EA's best interest considering they 205 million in the last quarter of 2011 and they haven't really shown any strong signs of being able to catch up to Activision and Call of Duty. Not to mention being named the worst company in America a couple weeks ago has not helped their perception as a money hungry developer destroying publisher. I would be in favor of this buyout just to see what Nexon could do to help save some of the major franchises that seem to be getting run into the ground by EA's publishing methods. But my guess, even though they lost 205 million in the final quarter of last year and they sunk a rumored 100 million or more into Star Wars: The Old Republic which has slowed down considerably in terms of subscribers, they will not except a buyout. They would fight the buyout unless they knew the company was in trouble long term.
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